Sept 27-28, 2019


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Prescott Rally 2015 - Stage Information

Start of First View North

NOTE: Although the 2014 Prescott Rally schedule has not been finalized, here's some of the stages that have been run in past events.

The Stages:

First View
When run to the north it starts out above the mining town of Jerome and runs on an old narrow-gauge railroad bed. Exposures seem bigger than they are here but the views are amazing (for co-drivers only). An elevation drop of nearly 2000' brings you down to the Verde River. When run to the South it becomes a hill climb challenge, finishing on the quick railroad bed. First View North

With a drop of over 1000, long sweeping corners, predictable flowing twisties, and wide/smooth road base Perkinsville will be your favorite stage in the country. Perkinsville

Witty Tom
A Prescott favorite since 1985. The south end is a twisty dream of a road overlooking the Verde River. As you climb up to the Juniper forests the road opens up to some very high speed running. Broad sweeping corners will keep your interest with a mile-long straight to the finish. The run back is just as much fun as the high-speed roads take you to the twisty finish. Witty Tom North